Category: Environmental, Over $2.5M

Papio-Missouri River NRD
Flanagan Lake


“Flanagan Lake is vital to the Omaha metro area for
many reasons. The flood control reservoir is designed to
protect the lives and property of Omaha citizens from
floods, as well as billions of dollars in public and private
infrastructure, and homes and businesses. Flanagan
Lake also offers much-needed recreation opportunities,
wildlife habitat, and continues to spur economic growth.
Projects this size require the work of many people,
including community partners and a dedicated design
team. HDR, Inc. and its team of experts was able to
balance designing the flood control project to the
highest public safety standards and provide maximum
secondary benefits to surrounding communities.”
- John Winkler, General Manager of the P-MRNRD

Category: Environmental, Under $2.5M

Dundee Elementary School
Stormwater Demonstration Classroom
Burns and McDonnell

DundeeClassroom Concept Plan

This project was initiated by faculty and parents from Dundee Elementary who
wanted to address multiple stormwater runoff issues through the creation of an
outdoor classroom. The goal for the outdoor classroom was to help teach faculty,
students, and parents the value of managing water in a sustainable manner through
the use of green infrastructure principles and practices.

Category: Transportation, Over $2.5M

City of Norfolk
Norfolk Avenue Bridge

Norfolk Bridge

As traffic increased through downtown Norfolk, Norfolk Avenue needed
multiple improvements, including the replacement of a failing bridge
and widening the road to improve traffic flow. The City of Norfolk selected
Olsson Associates (Olsson) to make these drastic improvements.
As we got more involved in the preliminary stages of the project, we realized
the city also had an opportunity to revitalize the east end of
downtown Norfolk by extending a bike trail, improving lighting, and
beautifying the area. The city gave us the go ahead, and we got started.

Category: Structure, Under $2.5M

Creighton University
Pedestrical Bridge


The bridge is a signature element that defines The Atlas property.
I am excited that The Atlas project will serve as an important gateway to
Creighton, but also for the communities surrounding the development to
connect in many ways.”
-- Todd Heistand, President of NuStyle Development

“This is an exciting next step for Creighton University\
as our campus grows and moves further into the future by
fostering and extending our learning environment.  The physical
connection between the former Creighton University Medical
Center site and campus is also, we hope, a connection on
an academic and community plane, encouraging our students
to engage with the wider neighborhood that surrounds the university.”

-- Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, SJ, Creighton University President

This has gone from a potential, ‘Oh no, we’re
going to have this empty mausoleum,’ to
‘Oh wow, we’re going to have this wonderful
redevelopment project.  It’s transformational
for the neighborhood.”
-- Chris Jerram, Omaha City Councilman


John Brown - Street Maintenance Superintendent, City of Omaha